choose right microphone

How do I choose the right microphone for my voice?

There are a lot of microphone styles available, and it depends on the intent of your preference to choose the right microphone for my voice. You will need to think very well on what you want the microphone to use and find one to that end.

They also have different designs and elements related to their frequency, proximity and pop filtration responses.

For musical purposes, you can choose from several types, some of which include the studio, stage and quick microphones. When selecting the right microphone, you will consider many important things to get the best.

The usability is the first important thing to consider when selecting the right microphone. Obviously, you should choose the ones you can easily use.


If there are many microphones with the same features, then it is recommended that you choose the one that is very straightforward to use, because it lets you record any kind of music without problems.

Another thing to consider while finding the right microphone is the frequency response when choosing the right microphone. Microphones have two different types of diaphragm that you can choose from.

The first diaphragm is for those with a deep voice and other deep sound instruments including bass guitar and bass drum.

The other diaphragm type is the small or small capsule. This is used by people with a high-frequency voice and instruments capable of producing high frequencies like acoustic guitar and cymbals.

Directionality is also important to remember when choosing a good microphone. This is most commonly referred to as a polar pattern.

For vocal purposes, hyper cardioid or cardioid is the best polar pattern to choose. This requirement is known to minimize the ambient noise and the room tone and only receives the sound supplied by a source right in front of the microphone.

When looking for the right microphone, the most important thing is the price. It is understood that the world’s best microphones are those with a high price.

This is because some cheap people are very susceptible to damage because of the delicate materials they use.