rent a piece of land with an existing billboard

Is owning a billboard a good investment?

As a small business owner, you are likely to drive through one of those large road signs and think it could be a lucrative way of advertising your business. The good news is that outdoor ads can be very successful.

You can either rent a piece of land with an existing billboard or you might want to owning a billboard on your own property if you wish to invest. In this way, you can lease space to other businesses, which provides an additional bonus to have your own room with no leasing charges. Building a billboard expense

Building a billboard expense

How to start investing money in a billboard? If you’re starting from scratch to create a billboard on your own property, you’re going to have a lot of expense, starting with the billboard construction.

This cost will vary depending on structural materials, billboard size, support configuration and billboard height, not to mention the above described types.

You’ll have to look at what market you’re in before you become a billboard owner to find out how large a show will be installed and who would like to buy an advertising room to get an idea of what the payoff might be.panel with a billboard already built on

Possession of an unused billboard

As a billboard owner you can make a lot of money and in some cases you will not need to make a major initial investment, especially if you are using billboard rental and permits.

Essentially, to turn over a billboard, you get a ground rental for a panel with a billboard already built on it and the necessary permissions, then sell the package to a larger billboard company.

Most mass media advertising companies aim to lease as many billboards as possible because their own businesses rely on the capacity to saturate a particular area with advertisements.


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