get music on computer

How can I get music on my computer without an instrument?

The new generation of recording artists at home was born on the internet. Everybody should know how to record music at home to try to use the masses of the internet to make themselves known.

This may not sound like a difficult process, but it is important to have the right equipment. Without it, quality music can hardly be recorded at home. Here’s a quick look at the basics «how to get music on my computer without an instrument».

The best machine. The right one

Your machine will be at the center of your recording process, so it is important to have the right one. A minimum of 2 GB of RAM should be considered standard with the existing software used.

One way to ensure this is to avoid operating systems that require many resources, such as Windows Vista, to function properly. RAM and disk space are the two most important resources.

In addition to computer resources, it is important to have a good sound card. It may potentially be the most critical hardware you are using. It is impossible to know what your music sounds like on someone else’s machine without a decent soundcard.

Audio interface and microphone condenser

You can attach your instruments and microphones to your device via an audio interface. Furthermore, when you can’t afford both individually, many people choose to buy a single preamp, then ensure that your audio interface is preamplifier.

When you plan to record or use acoustic guitar a lot of audio, it’s also a high quality condenser microphone.

Mixer and monitor. Mixer and monitor

Any mixer recording is never a good idea. Although it can be achieved without a mixer, the audio signals will not obtain adequate amplification, making it difficult to change and alter the recording very low and noisy.


For studio displays, everything you need is for speakers. Your speakers need not be of the highest quality to make it all perfect, otherwise you will have less chance to see faults in your mixes.

Data. Software

New software for recording music on computer hits the market every year and many are extremely good.

The regular recording and mixing software for most people is more than enough, but if you want all the additional features and precision that are provided by high-end devices, go ahead and enjoy it.

The app is probably the best place to reduce the expenses if you are under budget constraints. Not only is it the easiest to upgrade and replace, it also affects the end results in comparison with the microphone or mixer.

As compared to every other task, the highest learning curve actually uses the program, including the initial setup.